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Therapist-owned and operated Stellar Rehabilitation, LLC provides comprehensive, innovative therapy services using personalized, hands-on methodology. Stellar Rehab’s philosophy is that clients do not improve with an assembly-line approach, but that successful therapy requires individualized care, designed to meet each client’s unique goals. With this vision in mind, Stellar Rehab opened its doors in Verona, Wisconsin in January 2004 and also has a second full-service clinic in Madison, Wisconsin.

Stellar Rehab brings something new and innovative to therapy services, to create a caring clinic using modern approaches—with a hometown, personalized feel! Stellar Rehab’s therapists are given the necessary time to fully evaluate and treat the whole person.

In order for clients to properly heal, Stellar Rehab’s therapists evoke positive improvements, both physically and mentally. Therapy is more than just exercise; it is an ever-changing, hands-on process, which enables a bond to be built between therapist and client. This relationship is forged through trust, empathy, understanding, growth, and wellness—elements that are rooted in superior customer service, treating each client with a customized therapy solution.

Not everyone with the same diagnosis will grow and improve at the same rate. Each client is encouraged to work within his or her own limits and to evoke change at their own pace. With the Stellar Rehab approach, clients will be able to view therapy in a positive light.

Stellar Rehabilitation’s mission is to provide comprehensive outpatient services to meet the needs of each client. These services include:

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy

Homecare Services

Geriatric Therapy

Specialty Therapies: Kinesiotaping, Myofascial Release, and Anodyne Therapy

Therapy Staffing Services

Satellite Locations

Stellar Rehab is one of the only local outpatient therapy clinics that is Medicare certified at additional locations in the greater Madison area: Cottage Grove and Sun Prairie, Fitchburg, Madison-East, Madison-West and Middleton, with other sites to be added in the future.

Stellar Rehab’s satellite locations offer the same one-on-one innovative, personalized hands on services that are available at the Verona and Madison outpatient clinics. The satellite offices are available to serve traditional outpatient clients in those areas, as well as to provide for the needs of the ever-growing senior population. This unique aspect of our outpatient therapy clinics allows Stellar Rehab to bring exceptional therapy services to a greater number of clients throughout a larger geographical area.

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